Monday, January 9, 2012

Dressing the Petite Lady

Are you a petite lady who finds looking for clothes which match, a actual challenge? I'm a petite lady and I utilized to locate that becoming under 5ft 3" meant that my size isn't in the leading with the manufactures lists!

So, what altered? Nicely, because coaching as an Image Consultant, I'm now totally equipped with guidelines & tools to enable me to select the right styles and put together my outfits appropriately for my size.

Colour All of use can use the key rule of wearing one colour from head to toe to create the illusion of height. If you prefer to wear two colours, make sure the proportions are 2/3 to 1/3, with the lighter, brighter colour becoming the 1/3 in the leading.

Volume Wearing bulky fabrics or those styles with large volume will only succeed in swamping the petite frame. So, ensure you avoid skirts & trousers with minimal volume.

Prints Smaller prints are far more flattering for petites. Large patterns will swamp you and give you the appearance of becoming larger than you actually are.

Fabric weight You need to ensure you balance the weight of fabric with your bone structure. If you have very fine fingers, narrow wrists and angles, you will need to keep to minimal texture in your clothing. You can layer your fabrics but make sure this is only done with fine to medium fabrics.

Clothing details Try to avoid clothing styles which have large details which run the risk of making you look like a clown! Detailing such as pockets, buttons, collars, belts need to be kept in balance with your scale and height. If you choose to wear a large accessory such as a necklace or belt as a statement piece, then you need to ensure it is the only piece and that the rest with the outfit must be kept simple.

Tall & Petite If you are petite in scale but are tall, you can tweak these guidelines slightly. With your height you will be able to wear more colour blocking. Layering can be achieved using heavier and more textured fabrics. A neat hairstyle is a must for a petite frame but if you are taller, you can opt for a fuller hairstyle. You will also be able to wear larger accessories without the worry of them becoming to large for your frame.

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