Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Every thing You should Know About H&M Clothing

Have you ever heard of H&M clothing before? If not - don't worry, because I'm going to introduce you to it in this article. The majority of people however, will know a little something about H&M clothing. Firstly, it is one of the biggest clothing brands in existence, sporting a hefty number of stores (1,700 to be exact), spread across 33 different countries. There's even one in New Zealand! So why has this company succeeded where so many other competitors have tried, and ultimately failed? It's because of the company's viewpoint on quality, price, and customer service.

Let's take these 3 things and break them down. I'll begin first with quality. In the year 2008, to give you a bit of an example, the company used 3,000 tons of organic cotton in its garments. That's not your standard manufactured cotton - it's the organic version. Anything which is organic is generally more expensive - but on the other hand, it's also supposedly better for your health. By using the organic cotton, H&M show their commitment to producing items of a high standard.

This brings us to the second topic - price. Thanks to the technological innovations and steps forward which the company actively researches, the price of the goods that are sold in H&M stores is truly amazing. Don't for a moment expect to be paying any extortionate amounts for this clothing. You will find that the more you shop around, the more you will come back to H&M for all your clothing needs. It's because of the incredible economies of scale that the company experiences, that they are able to pass on the best possible price to you - the consumer.

Finally comes the customer service aspect. This is something which many clothing retailers completely disregard, in that they will do and say anything to make a quick sale. Not so at H&M clothing stores. The assistants that work in these outlets have professional training, and are actually allowed to tell you whether something looks good or not. Let's face it - we are not all fashion professionals, and hence every once in a while we will require a guiding hand to help us through.

Thankfully, H&M has you covered. Visit your nearest store today, for a truly enjoyable shopping experience.

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